Board of Directors



Cumberland County Continuum of Care (CoC) on Homelessness is governed by the Board of Directors.  The Board consists of a chair, co-chair, secretary, treasurer and a chairperson from each of the standing committees. The Board is responsible for overseeing the progress of the CoC’s mission.  The Board of Directors collaborates with other local, state, and federal entities to accomplish the CoC’s mission of addressing the needs of the homeless in our community. 


Board Officers:

Chair:  Mary John-Williams, Family Endeavors, 2125 Valleygate Road, Fayetteville, NC, (910) 672-6166

Co-Chair:  Paul Taylor, Paul’s Gathering Place, Fayetteville, NC, (910) 751-0435,

Treasurer:  Denise Giles, Cumberland Interfaith Hospitality Network, Fayetteville, NC, (910) 826-2454,

Secretary:  Suzy Hrabovsky, CEED, 230 Hay Street, Fayetteville, NC, (910) 323-3377,

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