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For the Continuum of Care Homeless Assistance Competition



The Continuum of Care (CoC) on Homelessness of Cumberland County, NC announces the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) annual NOFA for Homeless Assistance programs.  The purpose of this NOFA is to fund any of the following categories of new projects:


  1. New permanent supportive housing projects that will serve 100 percent chronically homeless families and individuals. Permanent supportive housing is permanent housing with indefinite leasing or rental assistance paired with supportive services to assist homeless persons with a disability or families with an adult or child member with a disability achieve housing stability. HUD has defined chronic homelessness as an individual or family with a disabling condition who has been continuously homeless for a year or more or has had at least four episodes of homelessness in the past three years.


  1. New rapid re-housing projects that will serve homeless individuals and families coming directly from the streets or emergency shelters, and includes persons fleeing domestic violence situations and other persons meeting HUD’s definition of homeless.Rapid re-housing emphasizes housing search and relocation services and short- and medium-term rental assistance to move homeless persons and families (with or without a disability) as rapidly as possible into permanent housing.


Under the 2015 CoC competition, the local CoC will only accept applications for new projects within the categories identified above. 

 Eligible Applicants

Homeless Service/Housing Providers who are active participants in the CoC.


Maximum Funding Available:

Permanent Housing Bonus Projects – $120,985


Match Obligation:

CoC funds require a 25% match (less leasing). The match can be provided through in-kind services or cash. If your organization is using cash, the match must be used for eligible activities as described in 24 CFR 578. Funds used for CoC match cannot be used as a match for other types of funds.


Submission Requirements:

Completed applications should be submitted to:


Cumberland County Community Development (CCCD)

707 Executive Place

Fayetteville, NC 28305


Preliminary Application Deadline: 

Applications must be received at the CCCD office by Monday, October 19, 2015 by 4:00 p.m.   


Selection Process:

Applications conditionally selected by the Grant Review Committee will be submitted as a Regional CoC application to HUD by November 20, 2015.  Final approval will be made by HUD.  Applicants will be notified within five (5) days of the preliminary application deadline if their application was selected or rejected by the Grant Review Committee.


 Other Requirements:

1.    Project applicants and potential subrecipients must meet the eligibility requirements outlined in the CoC Program as described in 24 CFR part 578.

2.    Funds may be used only to assist persons meeting the HUD definition of homeless.

  1. For projects requesting funds for leasing, leasing funds cannot be used to lease units or structures owned by the recipient, subrecipient, or their parent, subsidiary or affiliated organization.
  2. Selected applicant(s) must be a member of the Cumberland County Continuum of Care (CoC) on Homelessness.
  3. Selected applicant(s) will be required to participate and maintain records in the Homeless Management Information System (HMIS).
  4. Selected applicant(s) will be required to participate in the community-wide, coordinated intake/assessment process.
  5. Domestic violence agencies are exempt from the HMIS participation but must meet separate reporting requirements that make their data available to the state for all State and Federal reporting and evaluations.
  6. Funding will be provided directly from HUD to the selected applicant.
  7. Selected applicants funded for sponsor-based and project-based rental assistance must execute the grant agreement (with HUD) and begin providing rental assistance within 2 years. HUD strongly encourages all rental assistance to begin within 12 months of award.
  8. Selected applicants must meet statutory deadlines regarding the obligation of grant funds by September 30, 2017, as stated in the FY 2015 HUD Appropriations Act.


More Information:

This NOFA requires Cumberland County Continuum of Care on Homelessness, as the local continuum of care organization, to approve all applications submitted for funding.  Project applications can be obtained via:

For specific program requirements, visit the HUD’s Homeless Resource Exchange website at  or call Dee Taylor with Cumberland County Community Development at (910) 323-6112.



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