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Cumberland County Community Development (CCCD), on behalf of the Cumberland County Continuum of Care on Homeless, is soliciting proposals through the Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) Program funded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). It is the intent of CCCD, as the selected Lead Agency/Fiscal Sponsor, to enter into a contract with the selected project applicant(s) that demonstrates the capacity and performance record to provide services to persons who are homeless or at-risk of being homeless through the eligible activities listed.

Fiscal Year 2014 allocation: $143,341*

ESG funds require a 100% match (dollar for dollar). The match can be provided through in-kind services or cash. If your organization is using cash, the match must come from a non-ESG source and must be used for eligible ESG activities. Funds used for ESG match cannot be used as a match for other types of funds.


Housing Stabilization Activities

    1. Rapid Re-Housing (Ranked as the highest priority among all other eligible activities)
      A program that is designed to focus on obtaining and maintaining permanent housing through the provision of housing relocation, stabilization services, and rental assistance. Assistance is tailored to household needs and focuses on moving the household as quickly as possible into permanent housing and supporting housing stability.
    2. Targeted Prevention
      Prevention programs are designed to provide services and resources to households that are the most likely to become homeless. The program must focus on a specific population or geographic area.

Homeless Management Information System (HMIS):
The information system required by HUD to track data about homeless families and individuals in a community.

Emergency Response Activities*:

    • Street Outreach (Eligible only if applicant was previously awarded ESG funding through the FY2013 first allocation)
       Essential services necessary to reach out to unsheltered homeless people, connect them with emergency shelter, housing, or critical services.
    • Emergency Shelter (Eligible only if applicant was previously awarded ESG funding through the FY2013 first allocation)
      Any facility, the primary purpose of which is to provide a temporary shelter for the homeless in general or for specific populations of the homeless which does not require occupants to sign leases or occupancy agreements.
    • Transitional Housing (Eligible only if applicant was previously awarded ESG funding through the FY2013 first allocation)
      A program that provides temporary housing and supportive services for homeless persons while they work towards self-sufficiency and move on to permanent housing.

*Only a maximum of $50,451 can be used for Emergency Response Activities. The State of North Carolina’s ESG Program does not allow ESG funds to be used for shelter renovation, conversion, or major rehabilitation. No new transitional housing activities will be awarded. Transitional housing programs can only be recommended if they were funded previously for the ESG Fiscal Year 2013.

Any unit of government or organization with a 501 (c) (3) that serves the Fayetteville/Cumberland County area may submit a proposal in response to this RFP.


1. Applications must be RECEIVED at the CCCD office by Friday, August 22, 2014 by 4:00 p.m.
2. Applications will be reviewed and conditionally selected by the CoC ESG Grant Review Committee.
3. Selected applications will be submitted as a Regional application to the NC State – Department of Health and Human Services ESG Program by September 3, 2014.
4. Final approval will be made by the NC State – Department of Health and Human Services ESG Program.
5. The State expects to make funding decisions Friday, September 19, 2014.
6. Facilities licensed by the Department of Health and Human Services are not eligible to apply.
7. Funds may be used only to assist persons meeting the HUD definition of homeless or at-risk of being homeless.
8. Selected applicant(s) must be a member of the Cumberland County Continuum of Care (CoC) on Homelessness of Cumberland County, North Carolina.
9. Selected applicant(s) will be required to participate and maintain records in the Homeless Management Information System (HMIS). Domestic violence agencies are exempt from the HMIS participation but must meet separate reporting requirements that make their data available to the state for all State and Federal reporting and evaluations.
10. Funding will be provided directly from CCCD to the selected applicant. The selected applicant is required to submit monthly invoices for payment.
11. Selected applicants shall not have the right to assign or delegate any of their duties or obligations under the contract to any other party without written permission of CCCD.
12. CCCD reserves the right to refuse award in the event that none of the applicants demonstrate adequate assurance of their ability to successfully implement and maintain the program.

Applications, guidelines, and submittal requirements can be obtained via:

• Telephone request at 910-323-6112;
• E-mail request at dtaylor@co.cumberland.nc.us;
• CCCD’s website at www.co.cumberland.nc.us/communitydev.html; or
• At the CCCD office located at 707 Executive Place, Fayetteville, NC 28305.

For more information about the ESG Program Regulations, visit the HUD website at: http://www.hudhre.info/

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